“Tosho Ebr> Creating Wellness We support the creation of health and well-being.

Our goal as a Company is
to create a healthy lifestyle so each day
can be lived with vitality.

While many things are necessary to accomplish this, the most important among these is wellness.
Our group philosophy is “Serving the people of the world by creating wellness E and creating a company that experiences continuous growth is our fundamental vision. Our Group's basic philosophy is to "Create a Company that will continue to grow upwards" as a basic concept, with the management philosophy of “Serving the people of the world by creating wellness E

Company Name Tosho Co., Ltd.
Established March 1979
Headquarters 1-16-5, Mikawaanjocho, Anjo-shi,
446-0056, Japan
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Telephone & Fax Tel. 0566-79-3111 Fax. 0566-79-3110
Number of Employees (whole Group) 413 (As of March 31, 2022)
Capital 1,580,817,000 yen
Total Stock Issued 38,315,000 shares
Main Areas of Business Sports clubs Business
Hotel Business (AB Hotel Co., Ltd)
Real estate Business
Consolidated Subsidiaries ・AB Hotel Co., Ltd.
Tosho Building No. 2 6F, 1-9-2
Mikawaanjocho, Anjo, Aichi Japan
Tel. 0566-79-3013 Fax. 0566-79-3014
・Tosho Asset Management Co., Ltd
Tosho Building 2F, 1-16-5 Mikawaanjocho,
Anjo -shi, Aichi, Japan
Tel. 0566-71-3123 Fax. 0566-71-3124

As of October 18, 2022


Job Title Name
President and Representative Directors Yuichiro Kutsuna  
Chairperson and Director Toshihiro Kutsuna  
Director Mayumi Kutsuna  
Director Takashi Inagaki  
Director Naoya Kuwazoe Chief of Management
Director Aki Tanizawa Chief of the Secretarial & General Affairs & Human Resources  Department
Director Akihumi Kamiya Outside Director
Director Osamu kikuchi Outside Director


Job Title Name
Standing Statutory Auditor Takashi Eguchi
Auditor Kazuo Ito Outside Auditor
Auditor Atsushi Maeda Outside Auditor

as of June 29, 2023